Mariusz Cieśla

Hello, my name is Mariusz and I design & build web and mobile interfaces.

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Mariusz was an important asset for our big redesign. His code skills makes him a great hybrid to work with. Extremely self-driven and effective, and takes decisions that are perfectly aligned with our product, which is, the single most important feature I look for in designers.
Elin Aram, Lead Designer at XYO
Mariusz is the best designer I've ever worked with. Period.
Tomasz Stachewicz, CEO, Rebased
Mariusz has an incredibly knowledge–based approach to design, that helped me as a CTO to easily get behind the framework he built for everything from brand to product. Whenever I need to decide which design angle is best for us, Mariusz asks the right questions to get me there.
Arvid E. Picciani, CTO, airfy

I'm a self-taught digital product designer based in Berlin, firmly believing that design is a process, not something that you put on top of a ready-made app. That's why I've been dipping my toes into development world to be able to understand and help your developers deliver product that your clients will love.

For the last couple of years I have been doing range of tasks - from interaction design to front-end web development - as well as working with Ruby on Rails and Node.js. I can deliver anything your team needs - from concept sketches to pixel perfect mockups and ready-made HTML prototypes.

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